Designed and handmade in Barcelona

We make them by hand, one by one, in our
workshop in a very traditional way and
taking care of even the last detail

bags and backpacks
with internal light

Just by pressing a button you will have 15
seconds of light to find
everything you need

Made from recycled car seat belts, convertible and with interior light

No to Obsolescence

There is nothing more ecological
than a long lasting product

European Suppliers

Latest generation materials that
respect our health and the environment

Recycled materials

For 11 years, our commitment
is not about fashion but about conviction

looking for balance

The generation of local work, design, the use of recycled materials and the creation of very durable products strong>, they are very important values ​​to us but we have never let one of them dominate over the others, as that would limit our creativity.

They also talk about us in the press