The first email

This is the most important email of the year and that's why this is one of those days when...
(A parenthesis, I just reread the email and I saw that it was a bit long, sorry, when I put myself in "sincere mode" I go crazy šŸ˜…

If you're a little lazy, go directly to the BLACKFRIDAY, Gifts, Discounts and Privileges part belowšŸ˜œ)

...I feel the need to be honest, maybe I shouldn't, however, I think we would lose our essence if we didn't share our truths from time to time.

This email is the first of many that I will send you in the next two months. We are entering a crucial time of the year in which brands like us that manufacture here have a lot at stake. These moments define whether the year has been bad, average or successful.

Personally, I find it increasingly difficult to follow the "clickbait" strategy and promote a reality that is often not as idyllic as we make it out to be. I understand that a catchy headline can increase our clicks, and that optimism tends to sell more than pessimism, but sometimes it is a bitter pill to swallow.

We value work that speaks for itself and meritocracy at all levels, which is why we started almost 15 years ago with this very romantic project. However, we are aware that this is not how the world works today. Often, the one who wins is not the most talented or the one with the strongest values, but rather the one who buys low and sells high, or the one who is persistent and manages to get his message to reach more people. In this era of information overload, message deliverability becomes the priority for any brand. That's why we try to bomb by land, sea and air (email, SMS, Whatsapp...)

Take, for example, the YouTube algorithm, to get a video to many people, the thumbnail image or the title is much more important than the content itself.

There are still people on Instagram who believe that if your content is good, you will naturally gain followers and success. But the reality is that the algorithm favors constant participation and shows us what it knows will keep us hooked, regardless of the quality of the content. We follow so many people it's impossible to see everyone's updates, so easy We often lose track of accounts that really interest us.

Brands are often forced to pay to have their posts shown to more people, or worse yet, buy followers and engagements to appear relevant and trustworthy, all without mentioning FOMO (fear of missing out) tactics. ) that we use to encourage purchase.

And now, after all this sincerity, let me tell you about our BLACKFRIDAY offers. As always, we have prepared something very special for you. We have incredible gifts, discounts you won't find any other time of the year, and privileges that are only available during this season. We want you to feel special, because to us, you are.

So, although sometimes the digital world seems like a cold and calculating place, we want you to know that behind every email, every product and every offer, there is a team of people working with passion and sincerity, with the desire to offer you the best of ourselves.

We wait for you with open arms and the best intentions, not only during BLACKFRIDAY but every day of the year.

Thank you for being there, for listening to us and for giving us the opportunity to be part of your life.

A hug,

[Your Name Here]