Care and maintenance

Biocuir ® skin

As with vegetable tanning, leather with the Biocuir® seal has an open structure and, as with wood or other organic materials, it will slightly change its color and feel over time.

If you would like to see how the appearance of your Babau evolves, do not hydrate it and little by little a patina will be generated that will make your bag or backpack a unique and irreplicable piece. The marks created by the sun, rain, dirt, grease and natural wear and tear will make your Babau backpack a very personal item.

If you otherwise want your Babau to always look like it did when you bought it, it's important to treat the surface with a moisturizing cream at least once a year, especially if you live in a hot or humid environment. The moisturizer will prevent the leather from drying out, keep the leather supple, and make most scratches disappear. It will also darken the surface a bit.

All naturally dyed products may lose some of their pigmentation when new. Please keep this in mind when wearing light colored clothing for the first few uses of your Babau.
Excessive wetting of the leather can cause it to bleed, in general we recommend avoiding heavy rain as this can also create stains on the surface.
If your Babau's skin gets too wet, dry it with a dry cloth or towel, carefully, without putting pressure on it, without heat and with gentle movements. Remember that wet leather can retain the shape it is in during the drying process.

Care must be taken with extreme weather conditions, direct heat and prolonged exposure to the sun can change the color of the skin, as well as crack it.

Ink, oil or grease stains, in general, do not come out, so we recommend that you take your Babau to a professional.

Be very careful with hydroalcoholic gels, alcohol permanently stains the surfaces of the skin acting as a solvent.

Diamond y Grain

To keep a Babau from the “Diamond” and “Grain” collections looking like new once it has been stained, we recommend a quick cleaning, since the technical finishes available allow fluids with different viscosities to remain on the surface before be absorbed by the tissues.

For classic stains such as tomato, chocolate, coffee, oil, etc., using neutral PH soap and warm water should be sufficient. Allow to air dry or, for quick drying, use a blow dryer on medium heat.

To clean stubborn stains such as ink or felt-tip pens, use a mild, diluted solvent. Despite these attempts, they may not disappear entirely.

It can also be dry cleaned with conventional methods and products.
Products to be avoided: solvents with chlorine or alcohol, aerosols or glass cleaner, shoe polish, wax, and any product with a chemical content.

Although they are very practical for removing stains, baby wipes or make-up removers are not recommended, as they remove the protective layer that surrounds this material and reduce its shine.


To keep a Babau from the “Rustik” collection looking like new, it can be brushed with a soft bristle brush once a week.

It is important to treat stains immediately with a wrung out, damp white cloth and colorless neutral soap. Rub gently in a circular motion. Dry with a hair dryer from the outside to the inside of the wet area.

Types of stains

For most stains, absorb with a white cloth. Then rub lightly with a damp cloth with lukewarm water and neutral soap.

-Alcohol, vinegar, coffee etc:
For alcohol stains you can dilute alcohol in water, vinegar diluted in water for wine stains, and ammonia for coffee or tea stains. Rub lightly with a white cloth.

-Oils, fats:
Rub with lukewarm water and neutral soap. If they persist, use dry stain remover. Apply the product on a clean cloth and gently rub from the outer edge towards the center. We recommend, previously, testing the stain remover in an inconspicuous place on the surface.

Rub the stain with blotting paper, then press a cloth soaked in alcohol.

Warnings: Do not use bleach, wax, stain remover, dishware or other solvent substances.

Washing instructions: Hand wash with warm water or machine wash at 30º and neutral soap without wringing or spinning. Do not use a dryer. To remove water, you can use a towel or blow dryer on low-medium heat. If you decide to put it in the washing machine, it is recommended to remove the batteries and cover the battery holder with a wrapper that protects it from water during washing. The entire lighting system is designed to withstand the passage through a washing machine but it is advisable to take some precaution.


To keep a Babau from the “Peach” collection looking like new, we recommend cleaning it regularly with a dry cloth or one dampened with warm water. It is important to act on the stains immediately so that it is not absorbed.

For stubborn stains such as ballpoint ink or felt-tip pens: use a cloth moistened with warm water and a little alcohol, white vinegar or cotton wool with make-up remover.

For classic stains such as tomato, chocolate, coffee, oil and soft drinks, the best solution is to use a damp cloth with neutral PH soap.

Never aggressively rub, scratch, or press the stain.

Products to be avoided: solvents with chlorine or alcohol, aerosols or glass cleaner, shoe polish, wax, and any product with a chemical content.
Do not apply dry foam, as it would alter the protective treatment.

Despite the fact that the materials we use are of high quality and have specific anti-stain finishes, the migration of pigments, dyes and dyes such as those used in the denim of some jeans, leathers, microfibers, etc., is a practically irreversible effect on many surfaces, especially in materials that are lighter in color. Remember that if a Babau gets stained in this way, it is not the fault of the materials we use, it is the garment that fades, "the paper is not to blame for a marker painting it" ;)